Mobile Notary Services
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Fees for Mobile Notary Services:
$5 per signature, plus mobile notary fee- determined by location, number of signers, number of documents and/or printing. ($50.00 minimum).
*Fees are still due if signing does not occur for any reason when notary arrives, or if appointment is cancelled 30 minutes or less prior to scheduled time.  
Additional Fees: 
"Wait time" - $50 per hour.  
Returned check fee: $25 charge for NSF checks.

Fees for Loan Document Signing Services
$100 - $250 - (price to be determined by signing location and number of signers).
Ex. Purchase, refinance, loan modifications, reverse mortgage etc.

*Fed-ex and UPS drop off included, if provided a shipping label or airbill. 
Please note: UPS no longer offers airbill. 

$25 - Additional Printing Fee for larger packages.
Estate Planning Documents:
Estate Planning Documents- $100-$200 - (price to be determined by signing location and number of signers).
*Discounts will be given if NO printing is required.
If borrower does not show or refuses to sign documents, fee is still due. This fee will be equal to a minimum of 1/2 the signing fee. This is to ensure that all documents are properly prepared and borrowers are well-informed prior to Notary Signing Agent's arrival to conduct the signing.
NOTE: The fee for service is due in full for completed signing, even if loan does not fund. 

If re-signing is necessary due to Notary error or omission, there is no charge.